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Is there a better combination? We don't think so.

Coming 2007 to Palm Foleo

Palm's new Foleo and our Multitasker are two examples of some of the most innovative products in the PDA industry. So why not put them together? As it turns out, that's exactly what we're doing. In 2007, we're releasing the new Multitasker for Foleo, a specially optimized version of Multitasker

Think big

The Foleo has a huge, 10-inch display--exactly the thing that you want for using multiple windows. Multitasker for Foleo takes advantage of this space with an "everyting in a window" mode.

User interface

The Foleo sports a cool full-sized keyboard and pointing system--so why not take advantage of it? Multitasker for Foleo includes intuitive shortcuts that let you pull up an application with a single keypress or "bind" a window to the pointer

Core Upload logo
Let's share

Foleo is all about connectivity and sharing. And Multitasker is all about making your work more efficient. Multitasker for Foleo includes new "Core Upload" technology that lets you use a Palm OS device connected to your Foleo via Bluetooth to handle some of the load when you're doing data-intensve work. The result is a faster experience, with fewer "stalls" while you wait for the program to catch up.